Our RouteMapper software is available in both Desktop and Hosted options allowing flexible solutions designed to our clients needs

Desktop Solutions

RouteMapper browser

The RouteMapper desktop browser integrates high resolution digital imagery , LiDAR, Inertial location referencing, GIS Mapping, Linear Referencing and Data Storage into one seamless application.

Multiple camera views allow the user to create panoramic view-sheds of the route corridor, both 2D and 3D in-frame measurements and be taken from the imagery and LiDAR point clouds.

The desktop browser has many powerful modules covering feature extraction, auditing existing features compared to historical datasets and integration of 3rd party data. The digitising module allows a user to efficiently and accurately digitise any visible roadside features in a variety of types such as point, lines and area items.

Using the powerful spatial tools within the browser features can be digitised directly from the imagery then measurements and visual attributes details can be added to customised forms linking both the spatial reference and attribute information.

Other modules include the Quality Assurance (QA) module allowing a supervisor to check the quality of digitised data and to report back systematic and other identified errors for correction, an Efficiency module allowing management to monitor work rates of users and an Export module allowing the user to export data in many industry standard formats.

Users can not only digitise and review asset information held in the system, but also load, view and edit many different engineering and GIS based datasets. Client specific network referencing systems can be imported into the software, this allows users to use a known reference to

quickly navigate through the imagery.

Hosted Solutions

RouteMapper Interactive

The RouteMapper Interactive internet browser integrates high resolution digital imagery and accurate location referencing on a web-based platform. Surveys are accessible through a standard web browser with client-defined user names and passwords.

Hosted by IBI Group on a secure server with 24/7 up-time and support.

Administrator facility allows defined users the ability to annotate the imagery with information about historical route facts, current/planned road closures or diversions, and upgrade plans.Individual images can be saved, printed and bookmarked. They are easily transferable between users, allowing excellent sharing of visual and geographical knowledge of any road locations or sections.

RouteMapper Dashboard

The RouteMapper Dashboard is an internet based GIS assets management hosting system using the very latest open source mapping, each asset type (point, line or area) can be search based upon linear network section of by type/attribute values and show in a user friendly interface along side the attribute and even an associated image. Dashboard can be directly linked to RouteMapper Interactive to view images based upon and asset locations.

Dashboard has the following key features;

  • GIS and Mapping Integration with external systems
  • Google Map Viewer
  • Document Management for streamlined Approval processing
  • Scheduling and Task Assignment
  • Work Queues
  • Hyperlinked Reporting
  • Email Alerts, Notifications and Reminders
  • Batch Editing for streamlined data entry
  • Advanced Search and Querying of historical data
  • Automated Site and Process documenting
  • User Collaboration and Commenting
  • Dynamic content and presentation based on user groups