M4 Junctions 3 to 12 Smart Motorway; Thames Valley Topographic Mapping Survey

January 30, 2014

HA improvements to 28Km of the M4 between junction 3 to the west of London Heathrow to junction 12 at Reading will involve turning it into a “smart motorway”. Smart motorways help relieve congestion by using technology to vary speed limits and allow the hard shoulder to be used as a running lane at peak times.

In 2013, the scheme was approved and the designer, Mouchel was appointed. Due to issues with survey access, IBI Group were approached to create the topographic mapping from their Mobile Mapping System.

Using control points to tighten the accuracies, the LiDAR point cloud was used to extract the topographic features within seven weeks from initial collection resulting in a large net saving over traditional methods.