Highways Agency Area 6

May 1, 2013

Highways Agency Area 6 covers the trunk roads and motor­ways in East Anglia, Eng­land. Area 6 covers approximately 609 miles (980 km) of the strate­gic road net­work in Cam­bridgeshire, Peter­bor­ough, Essex, Suf­folk and Norfolk. It is currently being managed and maintained by Atkins.

Atkins commissioned IBI Group in order to get a full imagery and LiDAR survey of the entire Area 6 trunk road network. The imagery will be used primarily in conjunction with the RouteMapper desktop software to digitise updates to the roadside assets, while the LiDAR will be used internally as an ad hoc measurement and visualisation tool. Further uses of the LiDAR may include; topo mapping for schemes, vehicle restraint system height analysis and also carriageway drainage and profiling.