Transport Scotland

Transport Scotland commissioned IBI Group to cover the entire Scottish trunk road network in order to collect the complete asset inventory for Scotland ready for the release of the 4th Generation maintainance contracts.

In 2012, Transport Scotland established its 4th Generation (4G) Operating Contracts. Under the terms of these contracts, Transport Scotland is committed to provide the 4G Operating Companies with an accurate inventory of Trunk Road infrastructure items which will be held within Transport Scotland’s Integrated Road Information System (IRIS). The Operating Companies will then be responsible for maintaining the inventory data going forward throughout the lifetime of these contracts.

A detailed trunk road inventory is an essential prerequisite of establishing a cost effective and adequate maintenance regime. It is also a vital component of Transport Scotland’s Road Asset Management Plan (RAMP) and the starting point for valuation of the asset.

In response to these requirements, Transport Scotland commissioned IBI’s to carry out a gap analysis on the current asset inventory held with Transport Scotland existing Scottish Executive Road Information System (SERIS) to establish its completeness and accuracy.

In the first instance IBI’s RouteMapper group carried out a spatial imagery survey of the entire Scottish Trunk Road Network.  The imagery collected was used in the RouteMapper Desktop browser to validate the inventory. This was achieved by  loading the current inventory into the mapping interface and checking the various components against the mapping and imagery. By using this technique, IBI were able to check the existence of assets as well as the spatial and attribute accuracy in a highly efficient manner.

Following on from the review, IBI Group compiled a detailed gap report for each geographical unit. After review, it was decided by Transport Scotland to commission IBI’s RouteMapper group to recollect the entire inventory dataset using the spatial imagery already collected within the RouteMapper Desktop Browser as this technique is an accurate and economical method of asset capture, negating the need for any walk over surveys.

Following on from the initial purpose of the survey, Transport Scotland have re-used the dataset to review the Trunk Road Strategic Network and also are exploring the many secondary uses of the dataset