Highways Agency Special Project Service Framework Lot 4

The Highways Agency awards GeoSurvey Solutions and IBI Group the largest (to date) combined Image and LiDAR survey in the UK

Highways Agency Special Project Service Framework Lot 4

Areas 4, 7, 9 and 12

In 2013, The Highways Agency’s Asset Management Office commenced a programme of Mobile Mapping System (MMS) Surveys of each of its maintenance areas with a view to:

  • Improving the quality of asset inventory held within the Agency’s Integrated Asset Management Information System (IAM-IS);
  • By reducing the overall cost of asset condition monitoring through the use of a single survey pass to collect data on multiple asset types;
  • Road Worker Safety – Aiming for Zero –  by significantly reducing the need for in-situ surveys and associated traffic management by enabling safety risk ‘trade off’.

GSS in partnership with IBI Group was awarded the first task order in November 2012 to provide the Agency with MMS data (Imagery, LiDAR and positioning) and a geo-spatially referenced asset inventory for 64  feature types including detailed attributes to the IAM-IS schema.

The survey covered maintenance areas 4, 7, 9 and 12 totalling 7,450 Carriageway Km, equating to the largest MMS survey to ever be undertaken in the UK.  The surveys commenced in December 2012 and were completed by June 2013.

IBI Group provided the following services to GSS;

  • Technical advice to the Agency’s IAM-IS team in the development of the final schema;
  • Development of an Asset Data Collection manual (now forms part of the Agency’s Asset Data Management Manual);
  • Technical Project Management Services;
  • MMS survey data collection;
  • Image processing and delivery to the specification;
  • The RouteMapper Desktop Browser for use by GSS and its partners for asset feature extraction;
  • Final QA of asset datasets and compilation for delivery.

In addition to the above deliverables, IBI Group also provided the following value added services:

  • Provision of RouteMapper licences to the Agency’s Maintenance Service Providers so that the imagery and LiDAR point cloud dataset could be utilised for network visualisation and measurement of features;
  • Analysis of existing and new inventory datasets and subsequent reports detailing the comparative findings.