Application Areas

The Routemapper Mobile Mapping system provides a powerful combination of high-resolution digital imagery, LiDAR with Inertial positioning, enabling a vast range of site based surveys/inspections to be performed from the office environment

Asset Management and Visualisation

  • Inventory collection
  • Inventory gap analysis and auditing of existing assets
  • On going review and update condition assessments
  • Ad hoc measurement of asset dimensions
  • Asset database schema setup to clients requirements
  • Linear and Spatial referencing integration
  • Export to external asset management systems and GIS applications

Design and Maintenance

  • Topographic Mapping
  • Urban design/Streetscape studies
  • As-Built drawing updates
  • 3D structural modelling and height clearance
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • Road surface contouring
  • Road surface condition indicators
  • Soft estate management
  • Longitudinal profiling
  • Surface volumetric calculations

Safety and Environment

  • iRAP and EuroRAP safety inspections
  • Road Sign and Marking condition
  • Sight lines
  • Road geometry
  • Noise modelling
  • Vegetation encroachment
  • Vehicle Restraint System mounting height
  • Missing Road studs