Mobile Mapping for Highway and Transportation

Join the hundreds of operators, maintainers, designers and consultants who are taking advantage of the speed, quality and accessibility of RouteMapper’s survey data, without the need for on-site surveying and associated traffic management costs


  • High resolution digital imagery surveys
  • LiDAR Surveys
  • Data Mapping, Analysis and Assessment
  • Desktop and Hosted Software Solutions
  • Consultancy

Application Areas

  • Asset Inventory, Gap Analysis and Valuation
  • „„Highway Design (Topographic / As-Built Drawings)
  • „„Road Surface Profiling and Contouring
  • „„Road Condition and Drainage
  • „„3D Structural Modelling and Height Clearance
  • „„Road Safety, Signage and Road Markings
  • „„Soft Estate Management
  • „„Building Information Modelling (BIM)

RouteMapper surveys have been performed for government agencies, local authorities, maintaining agents, rail and bus operators, telecommunications companies and airport authorities throughout Europe, North America, Middle East and Asia.